Salty dog! A Miniature Schnauzer blogs from the high seas


nikki moustaki photoNikki Moustaki, author of Dogfessions, is a great friend of Petfinder. Now she and her Miniature Schnauzer, Pepper (with her at right), have set sail aboard the Queen Mary 2 for a trip to Europe to celebrate their 10 years together.

Pepper is posting to his own blog about his adventures on the high seas, what he had to do to be able to make the trip (pet passports?), and why he has to dress in drag(!!).

One of his sample observations from aboard the luxury liner: “I should be the navigator. Sure, Europe is probably nice, but wouldn’t
all of these people rather go to the Canary Islands, the islands named
after a dog? I think so.”

Keep up with Pepper and Nikki as they sail to Hamburg and then travel to Berlin and Paris for several weeks.