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Day 2: The kittens get a much-needed makeover


cute kittensI took the kittens to the vet Thursday night. She  weighed them (1.7 lbs. each), dewormed them and gave me ointment for Smudge’s conjunctivitis. They were basically healthy but COVERED with fleas.

We took them home and washed them in the tub with a diluted dishsoap solution, then picked their fleas off one by one with tweezers. The kittens did NOT enjoy this process, but it was quite satisfying to rinse the little bloodsuckers down the drain. Yuck.

On Friday the kittens look much, much better — white, not gray, and clean and fluffy. They also have noticeably more energy, and I let them out of their cage to explore the office and play. Whereas they had hissed at me on Thursday, they now let me pick them up and purr when I cuddle them. Unfortunately, my cat Molly has realized they’re here and is hiding under the bed, on an apparent hunger strike.

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