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What happened to the kittens from the tree?


white kittens.jpgI’ve been a little delinquent about updating you on the kittens I found in a tree last week.

On Saturday, my friend Rachel and I spent the entire morning playing with the boys and taking unbelievably adorable photos of them (after the jump — Rachel’s the talented photographer, not me!).

I also wrote to a number of rescue groups, but they all have kittens coming out of their ears — it is kitten season, after all, and the little ones are not “flying off the shelves,” as one told me.

On a long shot, I sent some of the too-cute photos to my friend Renee, whose beloved cat from Animal Care & Control of NYC passed away a few months ago from a congenital heart defect.

I knew it might be too early for Renee to consider getting another pet, but as it turned out, her grandmother had had two white cats when Renee was growing up, so the pictures of Smudge and Smitty really touched her heart.

Kitten smushed ear.jpg
She came over on Sunday and immediately bonded with the boys (that’s her in the photo above). They did their whole too-cute-for-words routine, wrestling, romping and lolling onto their backs for belly rubs.

Renee had brought her carrier with her and meeting Smitty and Smudge only confirmed what she’d already decided: She wanted them. She understood that taking the kittens from me would be more expensive then adopting them from a rescue group, since she’d have to pay to get them FIV/FLV tested, immunized and neutered (which would add up to much more than an adoption fee), but she was okay with that.

Kitten closeup.jpg

Now Clover (formerly known as Smudge) and Boris (fka Smitty) are happily exploring their new home, where they don’t have a mean old cat hissing at them (Molly is eating again, by the way) or a pit bull salivating over them. Renee sent this update after their first night in their new home:

Clover’s pink eye is all cleared up now! He woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I gave him some ointment this morning just in case. After arriving at my house they explored for a good while and then found the perfect window sill and crashed for the rest of the day. They slept there last night, too.

They’ve come a long way from their life in the tree!

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