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Staff Happy Tail: A friend for Sophie


flat coated retriever photoSince the passing of my beloved dog Kobie late last year, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a suitable friend for my dog Sophie.

Sophie requires a companion of just the right temperament and understanding. Goofy, playful, funny-looking and loving were the things she adored about Kobie, and when I saw Alan, I knew she and I would like him.

A 2-year-old flat-coated retriever mix, he had been taken in by the kind folks at My Loveable Rescues in Queens, NY, more than a year ago and needed a good home. On Saturday we drove out and met him.

Alan and Sophie quickly assumed an attitude of peaceful coexistence. I knew this was a good sign, and that with a little time and opportunity, they would become tight companions. And so I returned yesterday, completed the adoption and took Alan to his new home on my horse farm in New Jersey. 

NY468.8183782-1-pn.jpgSo far Alan has paced every inch of my house non-stop. He loves the
outdoor time we’ve had and came out of his shell to play a little
this evening. He is sweet and affectionate and attentive. I’m hoping
he’ll start to calm down and get comfortable tonight, but
realistically I figure that could take some days or even weeks. 

Alan is
fairly deaf and pretty high energy, so my next step is to start training,
and I think I’ll enlist an experienced trainer since I haven’t had
any exposure to deaf dogs before. I have no objection to crating but
have never had a need for it in the past. I think Alan may be a dog who finds great
security and comfort in a crate during his transition, and I’ll
probably set out to borrow or buy one tomorrow.

It is always
amazing to see how pets change and flourish once they get into a stable
home, and I’m anxious to see Alan’s transformation.

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