Water rescue in Wisconsin

WI Water Rescue.jpgOur shelter outreach team has been busy calling our 400+ rescue-group members in areas affected by recent flooding in the Midwest.

In response, we’ve heard amazing stories of shelter workers helping the people and pets in their communities. Eleanor Chiquoine, Education and Outreach Coordinator at the Sauk County Humane Society in Baraboo, WI, writes:

Our shelter is fine. We don’t have a basement, and we did not have flood water in the building at all because we are on a hill. A few times we all had to crowd into the pantry (during violent storms), but we did not get flooded.
We did have a daring pet rescue. We received a call from a woman who had left one dog and a cat in a house that was flooding, and one dog outside. We have no boat, so our animal control officer arranged for our local Department of Natural Resources to provide a boat and a warden so he could motor in to the thoroughly underwater house. This photo shows the DNR warden and our ACO returning from the flooded house with the dogs and cat.

[You can read more about the rescue in this story in this Portage (Wisc.) Daily Register.]

I feel awful for the many, many families in our area who have lost many
things, and much money. I suspect that our troubles will increase over
the next few months, what with lost jobs, people having to pay for
repairs to homes, etc. People will be jettisoning pets right and left,
I predict. The flooding will, eventually, have a big impact on our
area. I have never seen rain like what we got that week. And though
most news coverage focused on the dramatic destruction of the Lake
Delton dam (and those houses falling into the water), if you want other
pictures of interest, just Google the little town of Rock Springs. I’ve
never seen the water so high in that town!
Thanks for your concern. And let the powers that be in your organization know that Petfinder.com is a fantastic thing for little shelters like ours.

If you want to help shelters affected by flooding and other natural disasters, donate to the Petfinder.com Foundation‘s Disaster Fund.