Our Cats Rule! ad contest winner


For Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month, Petfinder and Cat Fancy asked
readers to create an ad for our feline friends. The winning entry, from Cleveland‘s Randy
DeMuesy, lists the many reasons to adopt a cat, and sums them up with,
“Have a low-maintenance love affair.” (See all the finalists here.)

DeMuesy, 43, serves as creative director, copywriter and producer
at his own ad agency, DeMeusy Creative. His wife told him about the contest
after seeing it in USA Today.

“I’m actually a dog person,” he says, “but
last summer a cat started hanging around our house. We’d leave food out for
her, and she wouldn’t let me touch her, but then one day she jumped up on the
patio” and became a part of the family. “She’s like a dog, what can I
say?” Randy says of the cat, Lamont, who now keeps him company while he
works. “She’ll beg at the table; she’s very vocal.” But unlike a dog,
Lamont doesn’t require a lot of walks. “She sleeps all the time!”
Randy laughs.

He came up with the concept for the ad and called a local
photographer, Martin Reuben. “He’s a big cat lover,” Randy says.
“He has two or three cats himself. He got a model into the studio and got
shots to me that same day.” Randy credits Lamont with inspiring the ad.
“I was thinking about someone who’s thinking of getting a pet but isn’t
sure what kind,” he says. “Cats are easier than dogs, and you get a
lot of the same benefits.”