Pet victims of foreclosure spotlighted in NY Times

foreclosure petsThe New York Times today ran an article about a topic we’ve been hearing more and more about lately, both in the news and from our shelter members: the impact of economic hardship on pets.

(The photo at right, from the article, shows a couple from Georgia who lost their home and can’t afford to keep two of their three dogs.)

The Times quotes our founder, Betsy:

“Obviously, it’s a crisis for local shelters; I worry about what it means for
our society,” said Betsy Saul, a founder of, a Web site that showcases animals for adoption at
11,000 sites in the United States.

Ms. Saul recently polled her member organizations to gauge the problem and
found that half of her respondents had seen pets turned in because of home
foreclosures in the last six months.

Read the rest of the article here.