Chicago pits turn out for Dogfessions

pit bull

One of our favorite fans is Nikki Moustaki, pet author and creator of the Dogfessions Web site and, now, book. Nikki is a huge supporter of pet adoption, and she and her publisher, HarperCollins, even donated $10,000 to the Foundation to help shelter pets.

Nikki has also invited Petfinder rescue groups to bring their adoptable dogs to her book signings. Last weekend, she read at the Magic Tree Bookstore in Oak Park, IL, and Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue brought their mascot, Pilot, pictured here with Nikki. (More on the event after the jump.)

Not only is Nikki helping pets find forever homes, Dogfessions — a compilation of
not-so-guilty confessions sent in by pooch parents on behalf of themselves and their pups — contains some great moments that pet adopters everywhere will be able to relate to, like these favorites of mine (click the thumbnails to view full-size):


The photo below shows Nikki and Pilot with CBBR founder Carolyn
Giannopoulos (in the Got Pitbulls? t-shirt) and Magic Tree staffers. Nikki tells us: “It was amazing having Petfinder dogs at the book readings. Having them there really opened up the discussion about rescue and shelter dogs, which was part of my purpose for starting the Dogfessions project in the first place. The dogs definitely upstaged me at the readings!”

pit bullNikki adds:

At all of the readings where Petfinder dogs were in attendance,
the audience had a lot of questions for the people who run the rescues,
mainly about the dogs they brought, but often also about adoption and
training. One interesting development that happened at all of the
events was a discussion about pit bulls and bully breeds — there was
always one in attendance, and the subject turned to the nature of these
breeds. It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss how great these dogs

In one case, a member of the staff was a little apprehensive
about having a pit bull come into the store, but once she met and
observed the dog, she said that her mind was changed about the breed.
This particular dog was a perfect breed ambassador, and even gently
licked a baby’s feet! Not the impression that the general public has
about these dogs.

That one moment is exactly why I’m an animal advocate
— to show people that “recycled” pets are great, that who they are,
what they are, or where they came from doesn’t make a difference in
what kind of companion they will make. Actually, I think that
“recycled” pets make better companions! I might be biased, though — I
have two rescue dogs myself, and have always picked up strays.

At the
readings, I always made it a point to introduce the dogs and put a plug
in for them, hoping that someone would take an interest in one that was
there. I don’t know if that happened on the spot, but I do know that
having the dogs there definitely raised awareness about adoption and
how hard the rescue staff work to create a life for these animals. It
was very touching. Viva la doggies!