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Baby bunnies spotted in NJ!


bunnies1.jpgYesterday my pit bull Mojo alerted me to the bunny nest in the yard. I’m still questioning mother rabbit’s wisdom. Yard next door = NO PETS.  My yard = three big dogs.

I think there are five bunnies in there. And they actually do look like bunnies — those ears are so damn cute. I was worried about them in the rain, but the way the mom has the fur and then thick dead/live grass mat over them — and then the tall grass bent over — they were warm and dry in there. I took my pics and tucked them all safely back in until tomorrow.

bunnies2.jpgI have a four-foot-high puppy playpen surrounding the nest to keep dogs
out — I open it when the dogs are locked safely inside. Apparently Mom
only comes to nurse one or two times a day, at dusk and dawn. And she has done so
since I set up the playpen, so I guess she isn’t bothered.

tell me the babies will be out and hoppy in no time — two weeks even. That’s
when it will be scary. Mojo would so like to have one. He wouldn’t *mean* to hurt it.  Does anyone remember Lenny from Of Mice and Men?

Fingers crossed.

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