Baby bunnies, day #3: Where is Mom?

bunnies3.jpgDay #3 and the bunnies are still there. There may be four or there may be five. When I move the grass/hair to take a peak, they start to sort of “popcorn” around — which is awfully cute, but makes me nervous!  And I’m certainly not moving them around to count.

Also making me nervous is the fact that I’m not sure that Mom came last night. Up until now, I could tell. I put two light twigs crossed over the grass to see if they were disturbed, but they were not. It is possible, although unlikely, that she could have gotten to them without moving the twigs. Sadly, I don’t think so.

So now what???? I did wake up to POURING RAIN around 4:30 a.m. Could that have dissuaded her? And will the little ones be okay until tonight?? Finally, what if she doesn’t come back? Arrrgggghhhhhhh.

bunnies4.jpgI took two more pictures. I think the bunnies actually grow every day. They look
more like bunnies than they did yesterday. That’s my pointer finger in
the second shot for a size reference.

Mojo has given up on going
near the puppy pen. I know he’s biding his time. Waiting for his MOM
to have a senior moment. Or for the little ones to hop out on their
own …  hmmmm … friends or snacks?