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Staff Happy Tail: Carol and Archie


I’ve worked as a designer for Petfinder for about a year now. I’ve enjoyed reading many Happy Tails, and now I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share my own adoption story.

After my dog Bandit died, I knew I would need to find a new dog, but I didn’t rush it. I was looking for a new job at the time, and planning to move. I wanted to make sure I was organized before getting a new pet. Nevertheless, I missed having a four-legged companion. I would check out dogs on Petfinder and think, “He’s cute” or, “She’s the right size,” but that’s as far as I would go. Once I started working for Petfinder, my search escalated — it couldn’t help but do so. There were stories about homeless pets that passed my desk all the time. But I still didn’t take the next step, contacting the shelter.

archie.jpgThen last week, as I was browsing the site, I saw Archie’s picture. I knew immediately he was for me. Something in his face told me I would love him, and that he would want to live with me. I took the next step. I contacted the Taunton Animal Shelter and made an appointment to meet him.

The shelter staff told me Archie had been a stray, that he was very nervous around most people He would need a lot of TLC. The shelter workers had spent a lot of time with him — you could see that they loved him and wanted to see him find a nice home. They said that others had come to see him but he hadn’t reacted very well.

When he met me, he looked nervous, but he didn’t bark. He let me take
him for a walk and he let me hold him. As silly as it sounds, I knew he
wanted to go home with me. And that’s what happened: I took him home.
He walked in, jumped up on a chair on my porch as if to say, “This is
going to be my chair,” and that was it. I’ve got a new friend. It’s
like he’s been here for years!!

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