A funny-sad-happy Happy Tail

Maureen Jackson of Erie, PA, sent us this Happy Tail of her late, beloved dog, Brittle, adopted from the Humane Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania. Brittle won a photo contest and had his image digitally made over (NOTE: Dogs do not really scuba dive!).


We adopted Brittle as a puppy. He was the funniest-looking little pup — he looked like an old man, and so very sad. He grew into one handsome boy and had a great life with us.

His eyes were so blue and he was such a good-natured dog — very good with our
Yorkie puppy who came into our home when Brittle was about 6 years old.


Brittle went over the rainbow bridge last August and we still miss him
every day. I have MS and he just knew when I needed some help walking, so
he would stand right next to me so I could steady myself on him as we
went up or down stairs.

Otherwise he would just run and be his normal self. At the end he became the care-receiver and I was the caregiver to him.

He won a photo contest last year with this photo and this is what they did with it — it is amazing …