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Zolezzi & Jubilee, an adopted Conure in Bellingham, WA

Zolezzi & Jubilee Parrot Conure Bellingham, WA

  • Adult
  • Unknown
  • Medium
  • Green

Meet Zolezzi & Jubilee

Hi, we are Zolezzi & Jubilee! Here is what would work best for us in our new home:
-Personality: Shy, calm and vocal
-Lifespan: 30 years
-Can live with kids: Yes, although they should not handle me until I am comfortable with handling and a child should not be my primary care giver.
-Experienced Bird home: Yes, we are under socialized and need an experienced bird home.
-Can live with other Birds: Yes, we are a bonded pair and must go home together
-Bite History: None
-Additional information: Need a nice roomy cage with different levels and perches as well as toys, swings and cuttlebone to keep their beak trimmed. Will need plenty of birdseed - being careful not to leave a bowl full of empty seeds. With a little work I can become finger trained and am capable of picking up speech. Luckily I do not try to bite even when being picked up so training won't be too much of a challenge I am just shy and need more time and attention from humans.
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