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Sol and Mango, an adopted Conure in Anchorage, AK

Sol and Mango Parrot Conure Anchorage, AK

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Meet Sol and Mango

Relinquishing owner says:

"Sol is a 4 year old DNA sexed female Jenday Conure. Mango is a 3 year old Sun conure, gender not confirmed (I call Mango a he). Both birds eat ZuPreem AvianMaintenance Natural Bird Diet for Parrots & Conures. The enjoy peanuts, dried fruit, apples, and watermelon. They don't really like any vegetables. The have both gotten into the habit of soaking their food pellets in their water and bath bowls, so their water bowls have to be changed very frequently as they love to take baths as well. I have their food in a foraging wheel because Sol will scatter the pellets over the floor of the cage if they are in the bowl and cause a lot of wasted food. Sol is the more difficult bird of the two. She plucks her own neck feathers, and Mango plucks her as well. She eats a lot but is a little underweight. They both prefer women over men, as I have raised them most of their lives. They love to sit on shoulders and are gentle when nibbling on ears. The enjoy spending as much time outside of their cage as possible. Sol can be a bit more aggressive when being approached to perch on a finger, but will be gentle once she has been picked up. Mango is a little more skiddish, but has become the more outgoing of the two recently. If one gets picked up, the other one will want to be picked up as well. I usually keep their wings clipped because they have tried to fly into some windows a few times when their wings are long.

I would really like to be able to find them a home together, where there are no other pets in the house. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and the additional noise/activity has caused them a lot of stress. I think they would do a lot better in a setting where they are the center of attention as they really enjoy human interaction. They are very active and vocal birds, but are usually fairly quiet if the are outside of their cage and their people are in the same room as them. The will make a lot of noise when anyone comes home or when there are new people around. They can take some time to warm up to a new person, but once they get used to them, they are very nice and will want to spend a lot of time on shoulders. As long as they are out of their cage, they are also perfectly happy just hanging out with each other quietly so they know how to be independent. They will go to sleep together around 10pm and will sleep quietly through the night. I have a play stand that I put together for them that they enjoy spending a lot of time in. I also have a large Kings Cage that I have outside, and I take them out there on warm days in the summer where they enjoy getting some sun.

I attached a couple pictures of them. They are not completely recent, so the Jenday right now is missing feathers around her neck due to the plucking."

Interested? Please contact The Alaska Bird Club at or 907-868-9070.

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