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Quito, an adopted Parrotlet in Bellingham, WA

Quito Parrot Parrotlet Bellingham, WA

  • Adult
  • Male
  • Small


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Meet Quito

Hi, my name is Quito! Here is what would work best for me in my new home:
-Personality: Social, Silly, Curious
-Lifespan: Up to 20 years
-Can live with kids: Yes, Quito lived in a home with children in the past. Adults MUST be primary, everyday caretaker.
-Experienced Bird home: Yes, previous parrot experience required

-Can live with other Birds: May be paired with another parrotlet, but should be kept separate from other species. Can be a solo bird.
-Bite History: No, but reportedly can be nippy when removing from his cage.
-Additional information: Quito is a big bird in a tiny body! He is finger trained and enjoys company. He needs a nice roomy cage (absolute minimum of 18 x 20 inches) with different levels and perches as well as toys and a cuttlebone to keep his beak trimmed. Will need plenty of parrotlet pellets supplemented with a regularly offered variety of species-appropriate fruit and veggies, such as small amounts of berries, banana, bell pepper, and dark greens. Quito is very social and is used to 3+ hours of handling a day. Potential adopters should be prepared to handle their parrotlet daily without fail. Parrotlets can be mimics and some even pick up some speech, but in general, they are among the quietest parrot varieties.
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