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Blueberry, an adopted Parakeet (Other) in Bellingham, WA

Blueberry Parakeet Parakeet (Other) Bellingham, WA

  • Adult
  • Male
  • Small
  • Blue


Meet Blueberry

Hi, my name is Blueberry! Here is what would work best for me in my new home:

-Personality: Shy, talkative, curious
-Lifespan: 7-10 years
-Can live with kids: Yes
-Bite history: No
-Energy level: Medium
-Diet: Pelleted food/pellet seed blend supplemented with dark leafy greens (every other day) and occasional appropriate treats such as apples, bananas, or melons (once a week)

- Additional info: Parakeets are social birds that require AT LEAST 30 minutes of interaction/socialization every single day. That being said, it takes them a little while to adjust to change. Give your parakeets a few days to get used to their new environment before handling them.
Parakeets need space to roam - the larger the bird cage, the better!
Your parakeets might also enjoy a warm bath or a misting from a spray bottle 2-3 times weekly
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  • Parakeet (Other)
  • Adult
  • Male