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Adopted from New Beginnings Animal Rescue, Olive Branch, MS.

In the spring of 2013 I found myself in a new home, and with my husband taking a new, long distance job. We had moved into a more rural area that almost unnerved me during quiet nights. I was not in need of a watch dog, but rather a companion. I had had huskies before and decided I wanted another one because of their intelligence, the gentle traits, and how much fun they can be! I found Woof within two weeks of searching Petfinder and speaking to shelters. I had found huskies that could not be around neither my cats nor my step son, etc. I was nervous to bring an older dog into my home, and the issues that could arise if it was a "bad fit". Then I found two year old "Isis" in Mississippi, who like many huskies, loved to run. She ran away from home so many times she landed herself into New Beginnings Shelters and a foster home.

We picked her up in Maine along the Pet Transport service, and she could not have been a sweeter animal. She is energetic, and although stubborn, she is very smart. And she is gentle with everyone, a true companion. She has been my best companion for hiking, snow shoeing and everything in between. In the past year Woof has become a true member of our family.

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