Jazzy Kitty - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from Taunton Animal Shelter, Taunton, MA.

2014 has been a hard year for me. My soul mate of over twenty years had been diagnosed with lung cancer last November, and soon my previously 7 year old rescued chi-mix Colin Doggie and I spent day and night taking care of him. On March 20th James passed away, surrounded in our home filled by his loving family, two and four legged. Soon after, as our family all left to return to their homes, Doggie and I found ourselves alone in what was once our lively happy home.

Doggie and I both felt the loss deeply, but I was even more sadden to see him begin to suffer separation anxiety when he was left home alone. I knew another dog was not an option with his attachment to me now in his grief; but I had to do something to help him. So, feeling a strong urge myself to be able to save a life, and way to many viewings of My Cat from Hell, I started looking for a kitten to help us both. I told myself this would be an easy rescue this time, as I have a habit of always falling for the hard luck story, and taking an animal with issues. Colin Doggie himself, found on the streets, adopted and returned to the Taunton Shelter, waiting for months when I found him on Petfinder. Six years later he is a role model, winning over everyone, even the large dog lovers, because of his outgoing personality and polished doggie manners. After looking at Petfinder to see what my local shelter had for kittens I went to meet some. No kittens, which hopefully means more people are fixing there pets, my heart sank a little. As I stopped to chat with a worker I spotted Jazzy labeled on a little calico's cage. My boyfriend was a magnificent guitarist, it seemed like she was waiting to meet me. She had been brought there after repeatedly trying to get into a homes backdoor. She was very timid, but after talking softly with her she allowed me to pet her, even rolling over and allowing belly rubs; but soon all the excitement around her was too much, she was so scared she tried hiding in her dirty litter box. I rubbed the side of her face gently asked her if she'd liked to be our little kitty, and she softy meowed yes. So much for easy, rusty cat guardian or not we would be a family.

Jazzy Kitty stayed in her carrier for hours the afternoon she came home. Colin Doggie couldn't wait to meet her, but their first face to face that night on my bed was a feral, snarling, spitting kitty. My poor scared Kitty let me pick her up, without even a scratch and safely place her in the kitty safe zone; though she continued the hissy growl for about 20 minutes. It was over two weeks before she had the nerve to venture outside the bedroom, all this time Doggie was showing her his best tricks through the gate in the doorway; even rolling a ball or two at the gate to entice his new Kitty to play. Now Doggies' no angle, giving a little chase here and there to see if she'll go along with his game. But poor Kitty had lost her mojo being an alley cat, and we often teased her that calico kitties can't jump; because she was fascinated watching little Doggie jump fearlessly into and out of window seats with ease.

So I raised her food dishes to a low end table, forcing her off the ground, and I added a bedroom window seat, decorated with pillows, catnip and greens, and starting waking with a smile to see her stretched out napping in the morning sun instead of hiding under my bed. Kitty took her big leap of faith with me over a month and a half after she arrived. Kitty came over to bestow me with headbutt to my legs, that morning and after some scruffs behind her ears she surprised me by leaping into my lap for better livings, kneeing as she purred me a love song. I laughed at her, blinking I, love, you; which was quickly returned. August fourth is her two month anniversary, and the seven pound skinny kitty Colin Doggie and I adopted is now over a pound heaver, which I believe is all her new found mojo Jazzy Kitty style!

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