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It was back in the year 2000 I saw a playful dog in the street nearby my place.So cute and friendly he was.A few days later I heard they were selling him off as it often happens to many a pets around the world.My parents were working and after getting back from school I used to feel so lonely.Thus thought of getting him in our place.They left him for just 500 rupees but he got a good and lifetime family to live with for the rest of his life.My father was not too much fond of him but mom loved him like a child of her own in return he he gave us his lifetime loyalty,friendship.He would try to understand everyone`s problem,if anybody felt sad he would try to console.used to love every guest who would come to the place.He was almost 14 years old when he left us on 8th of this June 2014.Truly and honestly the best friend i had.It requires a lot more to express or share a story of friendship and selfless love of 14 long years ,for which a blog will probably be a small space to share.But still for those pet lovers I would definitely like to say "jibe prem kore jei jon shei jon shebiche ishwar" means those who are in love with these innocent animals are indirectly serving god.and to my friend if he is anywhere nearby me or may be very far just be happy and be as jolly as you always used to be

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