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Adopted from Salt Lake County Animal Services, Salt Lake City, UT.

HI everybody i'm Church, formally George. I am a 3 year old (at this moment) German Shepherd dog. My best friend was wanting a companion for about 5 years, every time she would bring it up, she got shot down by her parents. Finally in June 2013 her mom said she could adopt. YAY. She looked around on Petfinder and it seemed like all the German Shepherds are everywhere BUT Utah at that moment.

One morning her mom got on Petfinder to look again and Low and behold, I was posted online! I was close by so they brought Lizzie, their dog to come meet me to see if we would get along. I was in my kennel when this strange lady walked in and sat down in front of me. I was barking and for some reason she was yawning. And surprisingly it calmed me down so I stopped and laid down. A few minutes later they took me to the meeting place, and there was the lady with a younger girl. The girl took me by the leash and I got to know them. The next day the worker put a leash on me and took me out into the lobby and there they were, I immediately bolted towards them, dragging the guy comically behind me.

I was adopted out once before this, I don't think my owners did any research on my breed first. I had no training, I'm a very hyper guy and I need lots of exercise. They brought me back because, as the story goes, I had bitten a child and drew blood. They put me in the car and we drove. They don't think I have ever really been in a car before, I was panicking and getting anxious, wanting to get out, my nails weren't cut and my coat was really thin and rough, I accidentally scratched the small child that was in the car with us.

We got home and I saw the dog that was with them yesterday, lizzie, I got too nosey and she snapped at me. We are friends now, I just needed to learn manners first.

My owners think that the people who had me before didn't really supervise kids with me, I didn't want small kids hugging me, near my food, or anything. It took a while but I warmed up to the small girl after a while, now I snuggle with her and we play.I LOOOVE kids now though, I don't like the neighbors kids that much, I'm nice to them, but I bark and try to run up to them when I'm on my chain cord thing outside. One of them bullies that small girl and I can't accept that, even though I'm chained up and can't really do anything, so I bark A LOT to get them to go check on her.

My owners live in an area with a leash law, I can be off leash when on our property but other then that I have to be on leash. I tend to run and chase birds very very persistently, also deer and other dogs (I just want to say hi) and for some reason my owners don't like it when I try to save humans from those 2 wheeled moving things, I think they called them bikes and motorcycles. I don't like when people ignore me when they are walking by so I run REALLY fast to catch up to them to say hi and sniff them, but for some reason they are scared.

I like to have a soft baby blanket with my a lot, I put it under me and I suck on it. I had really dry skin so they feed me some fish oil every day with some peanut butter. I have gotten better at minding but until I can stay in the yard I can't go off leash much, but they make it up to me in long runs. My owners chest is really comfy, I use her as a pillow in the mornings, I also like to snuggle with random objects like the T.V remote, stuffed animals. Sometimes I howl with sires passing by. I love my owner and it hurts me when she leaves for school, I miss her so much. This summer she is taking me to a dog park to play with others,

The end

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