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Adopted from Placing Paws Of Illinois, Libertyville, IL.

Our dog of 12 years died 2 yrs. ago and our other dog if 15 years had recently passed away and didn't think I could bring myself to get another dog. My husband works the night shift, though, and I was having a hard time sleeping at night since our dog passed. I started looking at petfinder and cried every time I looked at all the photos. Nigel's picture caught my eye. I looked again the next day but his picture was gone. About a week later I was still looking and there he was back up on the site. I my daughter is a gymnastics program across the street from where he was sheltered so I decided to stop and meet him. They brought him into the room, he flopped on my feet and rolled on his back. I knew instantly he would be coming home with us. I brought my husband the next day and he agreed. We brought the kids to meet him and my son was having loyalty/guilt issues about living another dog. He wouldn't pet him or pay much attention to him on the car ride home. Once we got home though, it was impossible not to love him to death. We feel so blessed and lucky to have found. The weirdest thing is that he has the perfect mix of our previous dogs personalities. It was fate!

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