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Adopted from WV Pet, Inc., Morgantown, WV.

My name is Amy. I am 46 and have never been alone -- EVER. My youngest child is graduating this spring and going to West Virginia University. I started suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome. I talked to my counselor, and we both agreed that a puppy would do me good, and he was certainly right! I did a lot of searching. At first I was looking for a Sheltie but couldn't afford one. But after searching for a compatible puppy, I found him. It took just one look at him and reading about him and I was in love! His name is Teddy. He is a Chow/Shepherd mix. He is my buddy, and he and I are inseparable. It will be 2 weeks this Saturday since he came into my life, and he is most certainly my dog! He is lovable, and I am training him alot. I am home 24/7 mostly, so we spend most of our time together. He went from utterly shy the first two days to out-of-his-shell and playful and loving. I love this dog with all my heart. He is only three months old, but he is just wonderful and very smart. He knows his name, of course. He comes and sits when ordered, and we are working on a lot more commands. He is my love, and I wouldn't trade him for any other dog in the world. WV Pet was so helpful, and I appreciate all they did for me. Thank you!!

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