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Ollie Dillabaugh-Mil - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from From a Friend-The Dillabaugh Family.

My Mom & I adopted Ollie from friends of ours who had 4 others dogs at the time. We got him July 2006. And we had 7yrs w/him. We had to put him to sleep July 12, 2013. One week after his 13th Bday.

He was special to us for many reasons. First it was the first time owning a dog, but we were around dogs bcause my Nana & Gramps had dogs while I was growing up.

But mainly because of his birthday fell on July 4th!! I always called him "My Ollie Boy, My Patriotic Puppy"...His theme song was "It's America" by Rodney Atkins!!

On November 11, 2006 there was a fire 2 houses down from our house. My Mom was at work overnight at Walmart & I was home alone sound asleep. Ollie's barking is what woke me up! Our house was saved only we lost it to foreclosure a few yrs ago.

He saved my life in more ways than one! And what happened 8 months ago surrounding our family of Fur Babies was not good at all. I was a Pet Mama of 5 & last July it went down to Pet Mama of 2 in less then a month! We also had 4 cats too! But lost 2 of them both at a very young age due to animal cruelty...cause unknown as of now, but are having things tested to find out what was use to poison them! All 4 were indoor cats, someone we think connected to our previous landlord did it...?

Thank You Ollie Boy for luving us & allowing me to be your Mama. My Babies RIP.

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