Hoppy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Waggytail Rescue, New York, NY.

It took FOREVER for me to convince my Fiance to getting a dog. When my plead was finally answered, I said I am going to adopt a dog rather than purchase one from the store or breeder. It did not take long to find our soul mate. In fact, Hoppy was right on the first page. His picture did not do him justice. In the picture Hoppy looked scared with his tail between his legs and emaciated. I submitted my application to Waggytail Rescue, and scheduled an appointment to meet Hoppy in person with his foster dad. It broke my heart when I saw him. He was all skin and bones. I was told from the foster dad that Hoppy was found in Tennessee as a stray. Covered in fleas and allergic to the flea bites. He had half-healed scabs and certain areas of his body did not have fur. Hoppy did not trust my fiance and me. He was clearly curious but he was afraid. Suddenly, he walked over to my fiance, jumped on the couch where we were sitting and fell asleep on his lap. Immediately, we knew he was meant to be a part of our family.

Now Hoppy is just as much of a family member as my fiance and me. Hoppy has taken over our apartment and our lives. We put a few pounds on him so he doesn't look so skinny anymore. Our neighbors has seen him progress from when we first brought him home and they are simply amazed at how much he transformed. He is still unsure of strangers but he doesn't run away like he used to.

We are so happy that we found Hoppy. We couldn't imagine how our lives would be without him.

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