Beckett - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from ROWDY RESCUE, Slaughters, KY.

We recently lost our 11-year-old Basset/Beagle mix, Ellie, to the just diagnosed lung cancer.

Ellie and her brother, Bocephus (Basset Hound), were very close. After Ellie's death, Bo began to mourn and as the days mounted, his mourning became more intense.

I began searching for a sister for Bo. I kept going back to Sheena from Rowdy Rescue as I have always loved German Shepherds.

I wasn't sure if we (Bo & our four senior cats) were ready to adopt or accept a new family member. So .... we tried fostering. Not a good fit for the cats. Again, I searched ... again I went back to Sheena.

By this time, unknown to me, Sheena had been placed in the Death Row Dogs Program - as if a sign from heaven - I work at the prison. I asked to see Sheena. I fell in love when I saw her walking my direction. She and her trainer came in - next thing Sheena and I were in the floor like two long lost friends. We arranged a home visit to see how the whole family, including the cats, would do with her. Bo enjoyed playing and seemed to be happy, then one of the cats hissed at the poor baby and she fell to floor in a submissive manner. I immediately knew she wasn't going to hurt them.

I took her back the next day, began the process of adoption - she was scheduled to graduate in April. In the meantime, Bo's mourning had gotten worse.

The awesome folks with Rowdy Rescue and DRD suggested early adoption.

I brought Sheena (now known as Beckett), home. I walked in the door. She realized where she was at the same time Bo was greeting who he thought was me at the door. When he saw Beckett, be began to wag his tail and bounce with happiness.

Beckett is an awesome dog. She doesn't leave Bo's side much - if he goes, she goes. She is very loyal and extremely smart. I could not imagine my family without her in it.

By the way, Bocephus and Ellie were DRD graduates. One of my cats was saved from the parking lot at the prison, one was adopted from the Muhlenberg County Humane Society and the other two were saved from a private residence.

God bless the animals that no one else wanted because without them, my life would be so empty.

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