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Adopted Dog

Adopted from Colorado Puppy Rescue, Aurora, CO.

Zara (said like Sara with a "z") is the answer to all my doggy prayers! We adopted her in July from Colorado Puppy Rescue. At the time, I had just quit my job to get ready to move to Knoxville to start PA school and I thought what a great time to get a new dog! Most people thought I was crazy, but I was determined. I scoured Petfinder looking for a puppy. Growing up, we had always adopted dogs of varying age from the shelter but I wanted a puppy. So as fate would have it, my first night searching I found Zara. wasn't exactly Zara. Her description was an 8 week old boy and actually a picture of her brother! So off I went the next day to the adoption even to see him (errr...her, I mean). My boyfriend said he would meet me there to look since he was also making the journey to Knox with me and I needed him to fall in love with this dog as well. When I got there, I was searching for a male and was told "Oh no, their numbers got switched and it was actually a female." That didn't defer me when I saw the most precious, 4 lb puppy sitting there with her mom. Apparently, all 5 of her siblings had been adopted the week before but not her. I got my 15 minutes with her in the pen but to my dismay my boyfriend was stuck in traffic coming from Parker and my time was up...I promised I wouldn't take a dog home without him meeting her so I had to let the next people look at her. I was heartbroken! The other couple played with her but to my surprise walked away. So here comes my boyfriend who took one look at her and fell in love, too! So off Zara came with us and a month later we moved her halfway across the country. Zara means "Princess" in Hebrew and that is exactly what she is! My little princess who snuggles with me as I study and keeps me company when my boyfriend works long nights. She is almost 9 months old and 23lbs now! I couldn't have asked for a healthier, happy pup. Thank you so much Colorado Puppy Rescue for giving me my Zara!

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