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Adopted from Humane Society of Harrison County, Marshall, TX.

About a year ago, after the death of our Yorkshire Terrier/Maltese mix, Zechariah, who died from kidney failure, my spouse and I decided to adopt. My first search online was the Humane Society of Harrison County in Marshall, where I found and fell in love with Shiloh, a Yorkshire Terrier and Shih-tzu mix. Shiloh had been abandoned at a flea market, and was rejected for weeks at the shelter by numerous people who didn't want him because he was too big. However, he captured my heart. Shortly after bringing him home he broke out in a horrible skin rash, due to stress, and began losing his hair. After medical treatment, special shampoo, shots, creams, and therapy, his skin cleared. We noticed he was eager to please and had a sweet disposition, however, he was scared of everything. He wouldn't lie on his back, let me touch his feet without pulling them away, and though he wad afraid to be bathed, he tried to please. Since a year ago on the 22nd of this month, Shiloh now lays in my arms or tummy. Holds his feet out to be clipped or groomed. Never barks at anyone, but a passing dog or cat, whom he just wants to play with. Is totally house trained. Showers us with kisses and affection. Loves going through grocery sacks looking for new toys and treats and presently owns 70. He has never growled at humans or tried to bite anyone. He loves his nighty jogs around the block and meeting animals and neighbors. He sleeps while traveling in the car. Loves being dressed up and having his picture made and is very patient. Of all the dogs I've owned throughout my lifetime, none compare to him. Shiloh, is absolutely perfect, and I am so thankful all those people didn't want to adopt him, for he has brought us so much joy and is such a blessing. Little do they know, they missed out on adopting the greatest little dog in the world. Shiloh means one sent, gift given, and God knew Shiloh was meant for us.

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