Tazzy Roo - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Humane Society of Lincoln County, Fayetteville, TN.

I lost my dog of almost 17 years last January. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go thru that heartache again--but as time went on I missed having a furry four footed companion. In looking at my local shelter's website I found my way to petfinder.com. For the next several months I searched for the right puppy for me. I soon came to realize I was going to have a draw a line in how far I could realistically travel. I inquired about several but they all were in the process of being adopted or had already been adopted. Then the last Saturday in July I saw the photo of a little blond puppy with big brown eyes--in the photo she looked shy and overwhelmed. The look in her eyes hit a spot in my heart--it melted. I sent an e-mail immediately inquiring about her. The shelter was closed for the weekend so I had to wait for the reply, meanwhile I did a map search to see how far away I was--the answer was 6 hours--that was the limit I had given myself. Bright and early Monday morning I checked my e-mail and the reply made me tear up. The puppy was available and was mine if I wanted. I made arrangements immediately and the next day a friend and I took off for the 6 hour drive-most of it in the rain and even ended up in a minor fender bender in rush hour traffic. The hardest part about the trip was driving right past the shelter (closed for the day) when I entered Fayetteville. I wanted to go meet my girl! The long drive and wait was worth every mile and every minute when the shelter worker place Tazzy in my arms. She placed her face nose to nose with me and closed her eyes--I fell in love! After being quiet on the trip when we reached home Tazzy started running and jumping-hence her middle name "Roo" --she seemed to know she was home. Tazzy is happy, friendly and I may be prejudice but I think she is quite smart! People often stop and ask me what kind of dog she is and where I got her. They are always surprised to find out she is a shelter dog. (Her mom was a "Schnocker"--a schnauzer-cocker mix, the dad may have been a lab--they aren't sure) Tazzy makes me laugh everyday and has brought so much joy and love into my life words just can't describe. I am blessed! Everyday I say a prayer of thanks for her--I am thankful her "birth" family took her to a safe place, I am thankful the shelter took good care of her and I am thankful for Petfinder! If it wasn't for the website I never would have found Tazzy! You helped make my life richer! Thank you!

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