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Pearl - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Saved.

Pearl had come into our family at the age of 2 weeks, by a roommate of ours about 5 years ago. Our roommate was feeding her adult food, when she clearly needed to be bottle fed. So my Sister, Elizabeth, had taken her to raise her right. Well, long story short, Elizabeth ended up leaving Pearl in the backyard of a house that our family owned, but no one currently lived in. She was there for about a year or so, and My fiance and I found her and decided to take her in to our care, because she was in such bad condition, that she would have most likely died that same week! She had been starved, and Elizabeth would only come and feed her once a week, If even that! It was also winter time and they had put little amounts of hay in her dog house, but since she was so skinny and weak, she could hardly stay warm. Her water had turned to ice, so she had nothing to drink. She was also a pitbull mix, so her fur is naturally short, and is not meant to be an outside dog when it is cold! Elizabeth, when confronted, said that her kind of breed was built to withstand such climates. I, for one, know better than that, and so My fiance and I took her, and made sure she had a good home, because I lived 30 minutes away from the house she was at. A few years have passed now and she is so happy and healthy! ...and not to mentioned spoiled, hehe! But she is a fantastic dog, and we could not have asked for a better pet... even more so, a family member! My Fiance, Ryan, was sort of skeptical at first about bringing her home, because he wasn't sure if we should get an animal yet, but now he is so attached to this dog, you couldn't separate the two!

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