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I found Oliver on Petfinder in 2010. I had always wanted a Corgi, so I entered in that breed, which fortunately brought up Corgi mixes as well, or I never would have found him. In addition to that, I am very thankful that the shelter called him a Corgi-Shepherd mix! Ollie is undoubtedly exactly 0% Shepherd, at 23 pounds, but he definitely has a lot of Beagle (the voice) and a hefty dollop of Jack Russell: he can jump to my shoulder from the ground! Quite a feat for a dog that stands 15" at most. We had a 3-year-old daughter at the time, and would have been scared off by the terrier/Corgi combo alone, and in our small neighborhood, a Beagle howler would have been a no-no.

We were worried when we first got him: he was very nippy, with which a little kid is a bad trait. We were pretty sure very early on that the reason he ended up homeless is because he probably bit a child.. BUT, he only nipped in defense and responded immediately to just a negative tone of voice. So, I worked with him to curb the behavior AND with my daughter on how not to handle him. I was worried, but he responded really well to consistent, firm, gentle training. He was easier to train than my child, to be honest!

Oliver is a testament that you should never judge a dog by its blood. Fast forward three years, and I can't imagine what life will be like without him someday. Oliver is smart, sweet, fiercely loyal, and wonderfully gentle with our daughter. And he loves to run! For a dog with 10-inch legs, this animal can move. His favorite thing in life is the long walks we take in the NJ countryside, where I can let him off the leash and he can go and go... well, in circles around us. Oh boy, he loves his people.

Oliver is my first dog, and he's going to be a tough act to follow. I wish I could remember the name of the shelter to thank them specifically- I know they were in North Carolina- and I wish I could thank the people at the kill shelter he was originally at, for getting him off Death Row. What an amazing little dog. I can't believe anyone would want to throw this guy away.

Thank you so much Petfinder!

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