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Adopted from All Dogs Come From Heaven Rescue, Amelia, OH.

Four months ago I was asked by All Dogs Come From Heaven to take in one of their hardest cases. I normally get the hard ones because I spend a lot of time training my dogs and a lot of time making sure they get the proper amount of exercise they need. At the time they asked me I had just moved out of my parents house and couldn't foster for them as I was trying to get my life straightened out. Well a month later after I had gotten everything straightened out and in some sort of order I went up and asked if I could foster. The lady who runs the rescue looked at me and said which problem do you want. I said I didn't care and ultimately it was up to my dog, Maya , to choose which dog she liked best. Well Maya wasn't any help as she liked both dogs the same. I then asked which dog was the one with the most problems, the lady said well take Bo (NKA Asher). I smiled took him home and kept him for the week. When the week was up I couldn't bring myself to return him to the rescue to be adopted by someone else. I have had Asher for three months now and he is crazy, loving, wild, and a cuddle bug. He fits in perfectly with my little family of Maya and myself. So far he has learned how to settle when I am not able to play with him, how to play with other dogs, sit with a hand gesture or voice, down with a hand gesture or voice , loose leash walks and well stay both inside and out. He is the star of his obedience class and will be starting agility training come January.

The lady who rescued him from some old school shelter in Virginia said he had no lookers and was on the EUTH list. I can't believe my baby boy was on the EUTH list. He fits into my family perfectly and loves my older dog to pieces. I can't wait to see what experiences and challenges he brings me in agility world as well as in real life. Asher has taught me how to love life and continue to try your hardest even in the toughest of times.

Thanks All Dogs Come From Heaven and thanks Jo Nall. Asher has found his forever home with only the best things in life including homemade treats, beds, top notch food, and TLC.

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