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Adopted from Bergen County Animal Shelter, Teterboro, NJ.

It was a year ago that my fiancé and I had agreed on adopting a kitten. We had talked for weeks about “the perfect kitten”. It was going to be female, very young, and mostly white with blue eyes. We visited numerous shelters and organizations looking for this kitten. About a month later I decided to visit the Bergen County Animal Shelter in Teterboro, NJ. It became abundantly clear that there were hundreds of cats that needed forever homes. I told myself right there and then that I was not leaving that shelter without adopting a cat. I walked through multiple rooms looking for a cat or kitten that caught my eye, and there she was. Her name was Courtney. She was gray and white with green eyes and fully grown. I quickly sent my fiancé a picture of her while I waited for staff to open her cage. When staff opened her cage door and reached in to pick her up, she hid immediately toward the back of her crate. I was starting to wonder if maybe she wasn’t the right cat for us after all. The staff stepped aside and I knelt down to gently rest my hand near the front of her cage. She came quickly to my hand and walked right into my arms. I was sold, I couldn’t fill out the paperwork soon enough. She is the smartest, most caring and loveable cat I have ever met and I’ll never forget the day I adopted her.

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