Zoe - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Chicago Canine Rescue, Chicago, IL.

When I was a senior in high school I rescued a puppy that we named Einstein. He was my boy, my first pet that belonged to only me. He passed away at only a year old from a congenital disorder and I was devastated. For a few weeks after I didn't want to get another dog, I just wanted to mourn. After a long talk with my mom I decided to take a look at petfinder and found Holly. Holly was a itty-bitty corgi pup that almost looked like a bobble head in her pictures. I was in love instantly and told Einie that if this was my girl, let it happen. And it did. She came home February 13th, 2011 and was instantly the love of my life. She's my baby girl. We renamed her Zoe (after Zoe from Firefly) and she is by far the smartest dog I have ever met. She's a love bug, a cuddler, and is turning into a great little agility pup. At only 8lbs she's the perfect me size dog (I'm only 4'9). I couldn't love her more.

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