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Adopted from SPCA Miramichi, Miramichi, NB.

I'd like to tell you the story of my girl "Mesmer", An unusual name for an unusual girl. You see, once upon a time, I was a cat foster mom for my local SPCA. Well, one day I got the call I was always happy to receive. I was needed!. Three kittens, found in a pillowcase, that was thrown on the highway needed a place to stay. I was happy, two black and one Tortie arrived. They were so tiny, barely a handful each. I named them "Magic", "Mystic" and "Mesmer". The Vet was certain the runt (Mesmer) would not make it through. Though I already lived with 8 permanent cat residents, I decided to keep her. Give her a good happy life, as long as I could. 4 weeks went by (so quickly) and Magic and Mystic found their forever home with a lovely Lady. Meanwhile Mesmer struggled to keep food down,and weight on. I thought about it, and decided to allow her to meet and meld with my own 8 fur kids. My oldest, a grizzled old grey tom (He was 22 at the time), took to her right away. Picked her up and bought her to cuddle with him in his bed! Then I was witness to a Miracle! Suddenly the kitten's appetite improved, and she blossomed. Now 10 years later Mesmer is the Queen bee of our clan!! Not bad for a cat not expected to survive a month!!!

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