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Adopted Cat

Adopted from Castaway Cats, Seattle, WA.

I have had cats for as long as I can remember. My last cat was rescued the day my brother watched her get dumped from a moving car. He scooped her up and brought her home, and was initially scolded for breaking curfew. As he pulled her out of his coat to show my mom she said, "We'll find her a good home." She lived with me for the next 18+ years.

After a few months without a cat, a young Doberman (Zoo) with health issues came to my attention as needing a forever home; he is to date the most expensive free dog I have ever heard of! I wouldn't trade him for anything. Another dog for company was out of the question, as his diet is quite specific to his health issues. Time to start testing the idea of a kitty friend...

While my coworkers teased me about searching through hundreds of cats on Petfinder (come on, a cat's a cat, right?). I knew there was one just right for my little farm.

Did I mention the rescue horse and her three rescue bunny buddies......

Then I spotted Sara. An all black little girl who was more inclined to like a dog than another cat to share the house with. I visited her and fell for this fiercely independent, playful and talkative kitty. I would be the third time she was adopted out; third time certainly was a charm!

Sara has been here almost a month. She's settling in wonderfully and her belly and back legs are starting to grow hair again. It appears she had some stress grooming issues while in rescue....but no more. In fact she hardly needs to groom at all. Zoo takes care of most of her grooming for her!!!

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