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Adopted Cat

Adopted from Beaver County Humane Society, Aliquippa, PA.

In 2010 I had to put my Jack Russell, Ginger, to sleep. I was heart broken and it was a long time before I felt ready to get another pet. I had moved out of my parents house and had a little apartment of my own. It was nice but lonely so my boyfriend moved in with me. Something still didn't feel right to either of us and we realized that we are people who almost need to have a pet to make our home feel complete. In an apartment, a dog wasn't an option so I began looking a cats in my area. I had seen Gracie and thought she was pretty but I wasn't sure she was the cat for us. I went to the Beaver County Humane Society in search of a completely different cat but then a meow caught my attention. A big, grey tabby cat with huge eyes was looking at me from the corner. I fell in love instantly. She had been stuck in the shelter for a long time and I was thrilled to bring her home. She was pretty nervous for the first few weeks but it has now been almost 2 years and she is a wonderful cat! She has even accepted a stray kitten that we found in our neighborhood. She is polite and friendly. She is a big cat and tends to look clumsy at times (hence the name) but she makes us laugh every day. I couldn't imagine life without her.

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