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Tyson - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from From a friend.

My dog Tyson AKA TyTy, is my best friend. Coming from a home where he was an emotional and physical support system for a burn victim and her 6 year old daughter; Ty is very in tune to the emotions of his owners. He knows when I'm upset before I do and comes to me to cover me in kisses. He's the quirkiest dog I've ever gotten the pleasure to know. He crosses his legs when he sits and can fall asleep in any position. Yes, including standing up. He's a very intelligent boy even though he tries to play dumb so he'll get more treats. He loves pepperoni and his brother Ronnie. He's got a heart full of love and he's my baby. One night after a big fight with my fiance Cody, I left for a walk. Cody was worried about me and went outside with Tyson. He asked Ty where I was and Tyson brought him directly to me. This melted my heart that he was that in tune with me. I wasn't far, but Tyson knew my scent and took Cody right to me. He's my son that happens to have four legs. I love him more than I've ever thought I could love a dog in my life.

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