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Adopted from All Dogs Come From Heaven Rescue, Milford, OH.

Asher (fka Rocco) has been the perfect addition to my little family of me and my two furkids. My dog Maya is getting older and slowing down plus I lost her best friend in April due to old age at 17 years old. All Dogs Come From Heaven contacted me to foster and at the time I was mid move so I couldn't but as soon as I got settled in I went up to pick up one of the two problem dogs they had. Asher was the one they gave me to foster as they said he had way to much energy and no way to release it. Asher has been with me a month and well I do not know what my life or Maya's life was like before we met him. Maya is more playful now because of him as well as more active. Asher is a schnauzer mix with maybe poodle or terrier who loves to play and run. He starts his training on Oct 29th with basic obedience and then probably agility. I fostered him to help him find a new forever home here with Maya and I. In the short time I have had him he has taught me how to live life to the fullest, play play and play some more, and life as if you will die tomorrow. Asher is a great dog that got a bad rap because he wasn't given an outlet for his exercise needs. Think about adopting as many dogs in shelters are misunderstood, under exercised, and untrained with time and patience they can and will turn into the perfect partner in crime.

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