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Cullen - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Lincoln County Animal Services (LCAS), Lincolnton, NC.

I lost my little rat terrier at age 12 in February 2010 and decided I had to have another dog. Considering all the dogs in shelters I went to and looked and looked. I found a sheltie in Columbia, SC and traveled there to see her. We just did not feel the connection with her so I started going to the Lincoln County Shelter almost daily looking for the dog I wanted. Every day that I went into the kennel area there was the sweetest black dog straight ahead in the kennel when I walked in the door. He never barked when all the dogs around him were going crazy. He put his paw through the kennel each time I walked by. His paws were large so I figured he would be much larger than I wanted or we needed. I was looking for a small dog and was ready to go and take one home one day and she snapped at me. My daughter said mom let's look at the sweet black one. I gave in and they got him out of the kennel and put him in the room where we could visit with him. It was love at first meet. He was so sweet and at that moment I didn't care how big he got we had found our perfect fit. He has become a part of our family. He loves everyone and especially kids. He is about 65 pounds now and sheds his black hair all over our house but we love him so much. He loves having someone with him all the time. My husband is retired so he loves being home with him. He takes to me at night. He doesn't like water and he destroys every toy I have tried to buy him. He has very strong jaws and teeth. He is my "furever" friend that I am glad I found that day. We have determined after much research and discussion that he is a Karelian Bear dog and we love him to death.

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