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Adopted from Mobile SPCA, Mobile, AL.

I was born in the streets of Mobile, Alabama. When I was a still a baby, I was dumped at the county shelter. I was only about eight weeks old and still living at the county shelter when some large dog viciously attacked and maimed me.

I nearly died. Nearly ...

The people at the county shelter deemed my injuries too severe and costly and thought it best to put me to sleep. However, the angels from the Mobile SPCA swooped down and whisked me back to their shelter because they weren't about to let my life end before I ever had a chance to live it.

The SPCA angels saved my life that day, but I was still badly injured. The attack left me deaf in my left ear, missing half my left ear, and my left rear leg had to be amputated at the hip. I had a rough puppyhood, to say the least.

After I healed, I was put up for adoption by the SPCA, so they posted my story and picture on Petfinder. Days went by, yet no one showed up to meet me. Weeks passed and not a single person called to ask about me. I went to the monthly Petsmart adoptions, but still no one wanted me.

What was I doing wrong? I was as sweet and friendly as any dog out there and, not to sound conceited, but I'm pretty darn cute! After four months of rejection and disinterest, I was starting to give up hope.

Just about then, a man and woman named Gary and Kathy came to meet me. They read my story, fell in love with me, and immediately adopted me. Gary and Kathy were thrilled to have me, but something bothered them.

They were confused as to why no one else called in those four months. Gary and Kathy asked one of the SPCA angels if she knew the reason, and she replied, "When people read that Too Fab lost his leg, half his ear, and half his hearing, they moved on to the next dog because they don't want a 'damaged' one or the extra work caring for a special needs animal. "

This really upset my new humans. They didn't care that I was missing a leg, half an ear, or that I can't hear so well. After so many of our service personnel have lost life and limb fighting for our freedom. after thousands of innocent Americans were maimed on 9/11, and many more in the bombing of innocents in Boston, you would hope human attitudes would have changed.

That is my mission. I am currently making the rounds visiting residents at local nursing homes and assisted living facilities. When I'm old enough, I would like to get my therapy dog certification so I can visit children's wards in hospitals and work with our returning amputee veterans to help them cope with their new reality. I want people to understand that I and others like me are not "damaged" or "defective". Hardly ...we are survivors.

So, although I have some damaged and/or missing parts, my capacity for love remains without limits and there isn't a single thing I cannot accomplish. As a matter of fact, I am MORE of a dog since I lost some parts because I'm doing it with less and without any assistance whatsoever. I have to figure everything out myself and make it work ... and I never fail!

You see, I am not a disabled dog, just a dog with a disability ... and there's a world of difference between the two.

Love, Toof!

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