Tiffy and Biscuit - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from Helping Persian Cats, Beverly Hills, CA.

We were not looking for a cat. We had just lost our beautiful Maine Coon Sweetypie to old age and we were not ready for another cat. We were just arguing about that it would be impossible to adopt two cats that get on with each other. We had previously adopted two wonderful Golden Retriever brothers who are very close and hang out together all day long. Because of that experience we thought it would be great to have a pair of cats instead of a single cat. However, cats are very territorial and presumably, unless we got two kittens it would be impossible to have a bonded pair of cats. Then we looked on Petfinder. We immediately found a YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5v3BQNyYIc of a Maine Coon mix and a Persian cat who enthusiastically groomed each other and were unbelievably cute. So maybe it was possible to find an adult pair of cats after all. We had no hope of getting the pair we had seen on video, though because we thought they would have been snapped up by someone. They were extremely cute and very good looking cats so we thought there is no chance that these cats were still available. The next couple of weeks we checked Petfinder almost daily and thought it for sure a mistake that “our” cats were still listed. We finally registered with their rescue group and to cut a long story short, Tiffy and Biscuit now live with us. Tiffy is a very affectionate girl and Biscuit is a hilarious boy cat who adapted in no time to two dogs, two chickens, and two goldfish. They are so very cute and it is heartwarming to see them interact with each other. Both get up spontaneously several times a day to check on the other cat and obviously love each other very much. They are a big part of our family now and we are so happy to have found them.

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