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Bailee & Daisy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid Atlantic.

We (my sister, mom, and I) weren't expecting to adopt a dog anytime soon, not to mention two dogs! Until we met our mini schnauzers, Bailee and Daisy.

We were always a happy family us three, and after we moved into a home of our own things got a bit lonely. My sister and I went away often with our dad and my mother was left alone.

My sister and I have always wanted a dog and when our little Fancy Rat, Hailey died we thought it was the perfect time to adopt a little puppy. My mother was hesitant at first but while me and my sister were away, Mami started looking around.

And then it happened! We found the best (and cutest) dogs in the whole world. Mami quickly sent in an application and before we knew it, on September 8th we were in a Maryland parking lot getting lots of love by our two cuties.

We are so glad we rescued them! Considering they're old parents lost their home and they're job, we gave them a better place to stay and better love then any little crate.

Thank you Petfinder for making our families dreams come true!

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