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Bella - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Animal Friends, Pittsburgh, PA.

My family and I initially went to the shelter to look at 3 dogs, Mocha, Dallas, and Stripes. We listened to Sripes' information although by the end it was time for the shelter to close.

The next day when we came back to the shelter we discovered that Mocha had injured her leg and Dallas had Kennel Cough. Although Stripes was still okay, we didn't think she'd be a good fit to our family since she was a high energy dog.

We were about to go home when my mom looked in the window and saw a tiny brown and white puppy. When we asked about her they said another family was adopting her already, but we also discovered she had a sister.

They brought the other puppy named Cassiopeia into a room so we could meet her and she cowered in the corner although when we coaxed her onto our laps

we new she was the one.

We have had her for about a year and 1/2 (and renamed her in the process) she's been the best dog we could ever ask for. Since she is such a wonderful puppy we also decided to share her many antics like snoring and shaking hands with others by trying to get her certified as a therapy dog.

Getting a dog is the best decision we ever made. ( '-' )

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