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Emma - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from York County SPCA, York, PA.

I found Emma, my two-year-old brown Mackerel tabby, on Petfinder this past June.

I was thinking of adopting a dog this spring, but even though I did some looking, I didn't find the dog I felt was for me. Discouraged, I decided to look at the cats available at my local SPCA, and spotted Emma. Something about her face and description grabbed me. Since I currently live with my parents, I ran a cat adoption by them that morning and then quickly filled out the application. I was shocked when the shelter called me back within an hour or two; I was approved.

Our family had just lost both our 18-year-old cat and our 13-year-old dog within a year and a half of each other, and the house had felt very empty. We were ready for another furry family member. Mom and I found our cat's old carrier in the basement, washed it out, and headed over to the SPCA that morning. I was really nervous; I was afraid somebody else had adopted her or that she wouldn't be there for some other reason. She was there; in fact, she had been there for five months and was the "featured cat" in her cat condo. She had been a stray brought in by somebody in her old neighborhood. She went home with us less than an hour later after a stop at the pet store to buy food, treats, a kitty tree, bowls, and toys.

She settled in almost immediately, and is so friendly that even my dad, who doesn't like cats as a general rule, was won over. He pats her and one of her favorite places to curl up is beside him on the couch. She loves to play with her toys, especially her squirrel and duck cat wands. She loves to follow me around the house and is a great companion cat. I work at home, and she will often lie right beside me on the couch while I'm working, especially if there's a fuzzy blanket on hand for her to lie on. She likes to demand attention, pawing at us or bumping us with her head, and has a very set daily routine, complete with specific chairs she sleeps in at specific times, including a special chair she sits in while we watch TV.

About a month after I got her, Emma had her first seizure. It scared us to death, but after a trip to the vet and a lot of reading, we learned that some cats have seizures, and, barring poisoning and some diseases, none of which had affected Emma, it was not something to be super concerned about, just monitored. (The biggest "problem" with the seizures is that she loses bowel and bladder control, which means keeping a stock of carpet cleaner on hand.) We now wonder if she was somebody's pet who was abandoned because of the seizures. However, they are not frequent and certainly not so bad that I would ever consider giving her up. When you adopt a pet, I believe, you make a commitment to care for them no matter what health problems they have. I and my parents decided that caring for a "special needs" cat is a privilege, not a problem, and that we got her, seizures and all, because she needed somebody who would love her even with the seizures.

I'm really thankful for Petfinder, because it helped me find a really amazing kitty; we seem to be perfect for each other, and I know I'm truly blessed to have her.

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