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Adopted Cat

Adopted from Paws For Love Inc., Cortlandt Manor, NY.

I had recently returned from a 5 year assignment in Iraq. I was fixing up my new place when one night I heard what sounded like crying outside. I looked toward the window and looking back at me were a little set of eyes.....a kitty! sitting outside on the AC in the bedroom window...a little kitty! A cute, little kitty.

I let her in, fed her - she curled up in my lap and we fell asleep in my lounge chair. I called 'Susan' from 'Paws for Love' the next morning. She came over and we talked about having what I call an 'indoor/outdoor cat'. She took Muffin to be neutered, keep her overnight for me and brought her back 'all 'better.

That was about four years ago now. I probably would have gone back overseas (Afghanistan this time) however opted out. I had someone to take care of now at daughter-in-law named her. Everybody knows how cute and playful she is (even my neighbors who know her when she's out). She likes snow!! Oh, and she comes in at night and gets right up close to my side for the night.

No one had seen her before or had any idea where she might have come from. She found me evidently. Nice gift....

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