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Wee "Windy" of Winde - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from Job Site Foundling.

While selling new homes at a construction job site called "Windermere" in Ashburn, a wee kitty was discovered in a new townhome under construction. She was found between two studs, at sub-floor, while the insulation was being installed prior to the drywall going up! Yikes! The superintendents thought it was a rat or snake. Gloves and flashlights ensued and out came a wee 3 week old kitten! Somehow she became seperated from her Mama and siblings. The construction team went to the pet store to get a bottle and kitty formula and sought information on Google as to how to tend to such a tiny kitty. Being allergic and asthmatice from cats, I brought her home anyway. To date, "Windy" is now 3 years old and a healthy 10 lbs. - and I, of course, am a diligent reciever of weekly allergy shots!

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