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Adopted from Ark of Cleveland, Inc., Cleveland, TN.

My wife and I were college students and were not ready for children yet so we decided on a puppy or two. Well, we first found Amie, our Airedale/Wolfhound mix. She had been abused and did not like men. However, the very first time I met Amie, she curled up in my lap and laid her head down and went to sleep. Immediately I knew she was my dog. My wife however wanted to keep looking at other dogs, so we did. However I came back to Amie's Kennel and let her out, and she again climbed up into my lap and slept, My heart melted and I would accept no other furever friend than her. After about a year we came back because my wife wanted her very own puppy, and we found Brinx. Actually Brinx found us. He was up for adoption and had many people looking at him. He is a Pit/Great Dane mix. My wife fell in love and now he is a 100-lb. baby lap dog (ha ha). My wife and I do have "children" Their names are Amie Davis and Brinx Davis and are our furever babies. I am so glad they are in our life and we encourage people to adopt. There are so many loving pets that need the chance to show their "people" that they can be their furever best friends. Adopt and give them a chance and they will steal your heart just the way ours have done. Thanks for reading.

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