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Pushkin - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Tails of Hope, Highland Park, IL.

I am 43, a physician, a mother, and a wife. Stable and comfortable, my entire life I had a dream. First, my parents did not want to have a dog, then I went to school and my husband could not assume care nor cared to have an animal in the house. One day, on our son's 19th birthday, he said "Dad, I have not asked for anything for many years. I will leave soon. Can we please get a dog?" Something happened then--and soon, we signed our lives away at home--if we get a dog and don't care about it. My husband was his usual Eastern European clear--either you take care of it or it goes back.

Looking at petfinder and thinking of anxieties in the house, I finally found a shelter friend volunteered at--Tails of Hope in Highland Park. Soon, a little white poodle popped up on their site--and I thought we could at least look. 40 minutes drive was a good time to tell everyone that we are not likely to get the first dog we look at. We got there--and Peter (the poodle we looked at) was perfect--and sad with a cigarette burn through and through his ear... We fell in love--and now, 8 months later, our house is completely changed. Be it walking to school together and being a center of attention, or meeting me at home after a night shift, Pushkin is a perfect completion to our family. Not that we were unhappy before--but the warmth and love, the unconditional sense of want and love brought by Pushkin into our house I could not imagine. We have had our fair shair of scares--big (he refused to walk for 2 weeks after neutering) and little (running away and being brought back by neighbors, for once), but we all know that's how families grow together. It's no different with families with dogs. One thing for certain: we are happier, we can't imagine that it's only been 8 months, and we are very thankful for having him in our lives, now and hopefully for years. We hope that Tails of Hope know, what a difference they made in all of our lives.

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