Pounder and Gunther - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from Regional Animal Services of King County, Kent, WA.

My tuxedo cat, Oreo, passed away from cancer in the fall of 2010, and after moping around the house cat-less for a week, I started checking out cats available from the King County animal shelter in Kent, WA, on Petfinder and fell in love with two gorgeous tuxedo boys, Pounder and Gunther. I had always thought about getting a second cat, but didn't know how Oreo would react to a new cat in the house, so I figured this was my chance to get two to begin with. I went down to the shelter and told the volunteers that I wanted to meet Pounder, a very big boy that definitely lived up to his name. After our time in the greeting room, I handed Pounder over to the shelter worker, and the child of one of the families also coming in to look at cats took one look at him and asked, "Is that Pounder?" Apparently they were Petfinder browsers, too. I then told the shelter worker I wanted to meet Gunther, and she looked down at Pounder with a bit of a sad forlorn look and took him back to his cage and got Gunther. After meeting Gunther, who was a young skinny boy all full of energy, and we hit it off. I came out of the greeting room, and the worker looked at me hopefully and asked if I wanted to take one of them home. I asked, "Can I have them both?" and the look of her surprised joy was unmistakable. Pounder had found a forever home. The rest is history; the cats have their little occasional scuffles, but most of the time they are best buds, cuddled up together in one of their favorite spots.

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