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Joy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Indian Summers Border Collie Rescue OAIC, Inc., Minerva, OH.

When I read Joy's story on Petfinder it broke my heart, which was still healing from the passing of our other Border Collie, Bailey - also found at I told Bailey to give us 6 months and then to send a sign. I called Victoria Summers while still in FL for the winter and told her that I would not be back until May but I was very interested in Joy. She said only a special person could be with Joy because of all she had endured. She had come from an Amish Puppy mill situation, had her puppies taken away too soon and then thrown to the pound. They docked what could have been a beautiful border collie tail, but I did not care about that I said. Something about her face in the picture. As it turned out over the months we were still in FL Victoria and I talked often and I realized her rescue was small. She had no website except her Petfinder page and no Facebook page, so I offered to create it all for her. I told her I would even pay for the website and I still do! She told me Joy liked to be treated like a princess and I said I could make that happen! Mother's Day this year was one year since we adopted Joy. She is now 3. Not only did I adopt her, I adopted Victoria Summers and her Indian Summers Border Collie Rescue. I do all their media work, I do newsletters all that fun stuff all gratis. I get more pleasure from that then from my regular business clients! I was even appointed to her board of directors! It is a good story. Joy is thriving and loves living here in PA and in Florida during the winter. She is a princess that is for sure. I remember Victoria telling me that Joy was the kind of dog that would want you to fluff her pillows for her. It's SO TRUE! She is so joyful and makes us laugh everyday. She also shares our home with my sweet Orange Tabby, Safari, now 12. He likes the company of dogs - sometimes she herds him a bit too much but he likes attention that is for sure! I feel so lucky to have Petfinder be a big part of my life. I recently wrote a book that just came out called Letters to Each other - it's about Bailey - the first Petfinder Border Collie who told me to look for Joy. Petfinder is mentioned in my book many times! I really love and the foundation. and would do anything to help promote it!

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